Process Water

process water

Process water is broadly defined as water used in industry, manufacturing processes, power generation and similar applications.

The specific process water requirements of various industries and plants vary enormously. Water is therefore produced using a variety of process water technologies depending on the feed water and final water quality and volume requirements. FARAN technologies are designed to meet these needs, producing high-quality process water from a range of feed water sources and significantly reducing water consumption.

Here are just a few examples of industrial process water use:

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries: process water is required that continuously meets stringent regulatory requirements
  • Food and beverage industries: flexible water purification and contaminant removal systems support the need for ingredient water
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries: process water is used for cooling tower systems, makeup water and blowdown treatment systems
  • Automotive industry: vehicle production plants have a significant demand for process water of known quality 

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