Ceramic / Mineral & Mining Industry Wastewater Treatment

mining industry wastewater

FARAN is experienced in helping clients reduce their financial exposure and comply with discharge requirements and stringent environmental regulations regarding water management.  We understand the unique requirements of mining operations, and our worldwide expertise in mining water issues allows us to offer tailor made water treatment solutions to our customers. Our wastewater treatment package efficiently remove a wide range of contaminants such as heavy metals and minerals, arsenic, suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese, and specific ions that can impact the local environment.

For tile and ceramic production plants, water is one of the most important utilities with more than hundreds of cubic meters per hour in circulation. This stream is used for cooling applications, squaring and polishing of the product and contains lots of suspended solids in size of millimeters down to sub-microns.

FARAN, based on extensive experiences in ceramic and mining industry wastewater treatment, provides a customized treatment process to recover more than 90% of wastewater to be applied again. The treated water would be without any considerable suspended solid and turbidity, and will not have the common problems of scaling on pipes and nozzles. The process is fully automated and flexible against the quality and quantity shock loading.

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