Oil / Gas / Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment

oil and gas industry wastewater

In the oil refining industry, a wide range of hydrocarbon species and lots of free oil are substantially added to the organics loading. In the petrochemical industry, the range of complex hydrocarbons is even greater, although there are generally far lower levels of free oil.

Many engineers believe that these two industrial wastewaters are the most difficult effluents to treat using biological treatment, because there are many recalcitrant and inhibitory compounds in the wastewater influent. As such — and especially in these two industries — the overwhelming choice of biological treatment is activated sludge (AS) because of its flexibility for process control in the face of influent concentration variability.

Some toxic compounds like phenol and aromatics and very high level of pH (in spent caustic wastewater), cause damage on biological cultures and the biological process. For this, biological treatment may not be effective one these types of wastewater.

FARAN offers the best and cost-effective process in form of physical, chemical tailor-made solutions such as effective engineered coagulation/flocculation and flotation process to maximum oil removal efficiency and advanced oxidation process (AOP) to remove the remaining BOD, COD and toxic components before discharging to the environment.

FARAN also has a patented low-cost treatment process especially for the spent caustic streams.

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